Just a Reminder…

If you’re not watching Breaking Bad, you should be.  The second season is shaping up to be a masterpiece.  Check out the quote of the season from the most recent episode after the jump.

Walter White (Bryan Cranston), the lead character, has recently been kidnapped by an insane drug dealer.  Having escaped through a random series of events, Walter concocts a story to explain his absence, which he blames on some form of medicine-induced amnesia.  Before he can be released from the hospital, he must pass a psychological exam.  Citing doctor/patient confidentiality, Walter then concocts another story to explain his absence.

Psychiatrist:  Why run away?  What did you feel you had to run away from?

Walter:  Doctor, my wife is seven months pregnant with a baby we didn’t intend.  My 15-year-old son has cerebral palsy.  I am an extremely over qualified high school chemistry teacher.  When I can work, I make $43,700 per year.  I have watched all of my colleagues and friends surpass me in every way imaginable, and within 18 months, I will be dead.  And you ask why I ran?