More From The Simpsons Library

Thankfully, yesterday’s post did not run the gamut of Simpsons-critical texts. Here are two more, one worth adding to your library, and the other, well it’s nothing short of the worst…book…ever.

planetsimpson-us.jpgPlanet Simpson: How a Cartoon Masterpiece Defined a Generation by Chris Turner.

This is definitely the most extensive critical text on The Simpsons and certainly one of the more entertaining. Turner examines each member of the Simpson family and their cultural implications ranging from moral authority (Marge) to social consciousness (Lisa). Turner also takes on a few other Springfield residents from Mr. Burns to Barney. Some critics referred to this text as the definitive guide to The Simpsons. Perhaps they ought to have said the definitive critique of The Simpsons. Check back tomorrow for the definitive guides!

book21.pngThe World According to The Simpsons: What Aour Favorite TV Family Says About Life, Love and the Pursuit of the Perfect Donut by Steven Keslowitz.

I jokingly call this the worst…book…ever. While that might not necessarily be the truth, it certainly comes close to it. This is clearly a fanboy’s labor of love, and for that, we must take it with a grain of salt. Keslowitz’s writing style is far too choppy and unfortunately does not enhance his arguments. His criticism is shallow at best, and the highlights of each chapter are the bits of dialogue he quotes from the show. Read it if you must, but you would do well to first check out the other three books discussed here.