Shuffled Selections: January 29 – February 4, 2017

Another week, more new loves – some I do believe will last a lifetime (possibly all of them, actually). Enjoy!


Johnny Flynn – “Detectorists”

This is both in praise of the song and the show for which it provides the theme. I recently discovered this show (Detectorists) on Netflix and, if you have any affinity whatsoever for charming, quirky British television, please watch it immediately. The story of a group of metal detectorists, it is an absolutely lovely story about quirky hobbyists that avoids pretty much all cynicism usually associated with similarly themed twee indie faire and instead opts for a genuinely human and loving look at life. The theme song is likewise endearingly lovely, a rustic English folk song in the vain of Nick Drake, it’s the perfect mirror for the vast English country sides where these friends spend their time talking bullocks and searching for treasure. Thanks to this show, I’ve also spent some time with his proper albums as well and his proper debut A Larum is quite incredible if this strikes your fancy.


Real Estate – “Darling”

If you consume as much music as I do – or, really, even if you don’t – you’re bound to miss a band or two that could very well have been one of your favorites. But, sometimes, you’re lucky enough to stumble upon them later on and, hey, at least you have numerous albums to catch up on. For me, Real Estate is one of those bands. At a time when my musical tastes have really veered towards various forms of shoe gaze and dream pop, Real Estate feels like a God-send. On every level, this band feels like the perfection of the sounds that have captivated me recently and, if you’re in the mood for some impeccably crafted and endlessly pleasant tunes, look no further.


Missio – “Middle Fingers”

I don’t know if I’m the only one who sometimes links completely unrelated songs into thematic groups but one of the more obscure ones I have is “kitschy misanthropic anthems.” These would include such classics as Wheatus’ “Teenage Dirtbag” or Placebo’s “Pure Morning” – they literally have nothing to do with one another other than purveying a catchy sense of disconnected outsider attitude. Regardless of whether you agree with my unnecessary groupings, Austin, TX alternative electronic duo have provided yet another entry in this niche genre. A deviously delightful tune that wears its message right there in the title, it will almost certainly get stuck in your head – and make you feel like a disaffected teenager all over again.


pronoun – “just cuz you can’t”

I continue to be grateful for the modern intersection of technology and music. The ability for any and all artists to create and share regardless of major label support is exceedingly invaluable. We are privy to talents from literally anywhere across the globe with an instrument and access to a computer who otherwise might been relegated to local bars and bed room mixtapes. Truly it is a DIY paradise. This week in small discoveries is the one woman self-proclaimed emo artist Pronoun and her unbearably catchy anthem for unraveling emotions. She’s rightfully gotten some buzz thanks to this release and I for one can’t wait to hear what she does next – if for anything so I can get another one of her songs in my head because this one has refused to leave.


Chicano Batman – “Friendship (Is A Small Boat In A Storm)”

For my own mental health, I’ve been seeking out more positive and life-affirming music recently in light of the current political tumult. It’s nice to be reminded of the basics like the love and support of one’s friends. This gem is from alt-Latino psychedelic lounge rockers Chicano Batman which, on top of having a phenomenal name, are a band of great and infectious revelry. This track in particular has got a wonderfully commanding groove and, honestly, it’s hard not to get wrapped up in it. I don’t have anything particularly deep to add to this, necessarily, just that it puts me in a great mood. And, honestly, anything that gets me dancing these days is more than welcomed. So, let’s dance my friends – the only way we can weather this storm is together!