This Just In: Theologians Debate Social Media

So I am at the Transforming Theology Conference where forty of the best and brightest theologians have gathered to discuss transformative thought for progressive action.  The first panel of four theologians included Harvey Cox, Delwin Brown, Joseph Bracken, and Ignacio Castuera.  They each posed seven minute thoughts on the perils that we as a society face and how theologians might respond.  After these insightful ideas, the rest of the theologians began debating the relevance of social media and online communities like Facebook or Twitter in their responses to the panel.

Tony Jones argued that their debates amounted to George Bailey’s inability to rope the moon and the guy finally telling him to kiss the girl already in It’s a Wonderful Life.  It seems like, while these theologians are debating the relevance of the media, they’re quickly becoming irrelevant.

After lunch and throughout the day tomorrow, Tripp and Tony will be asking each of these theologians ten questions that have been culled from over 400 submissions from ordinary folks interested in hearing theological responses to real-world questions.  I’ll be filming these interviews for folks to download and use as study guides in the near future.  They’re going to close with an “easy” question.  What’s your favorite film.  Check back soon to see their responses and if any common films emerge.