Mary, Mother of Christ!

Last week, more reports started to circle around about the upcoming film Mary, Mother of Christ.  Most recently, the filmmakers announced that they had cast Camilla Belle (Push and 10,000 BC) to play Mary.  Word is that Peter O’Toole and Jonathan Rhys Meyers have already been cast and that the filmmakers hope to add both Al Pacino and Jessica Lange to the cast with Pacino as Herod (he’s got a long way to go to top Frank Thring)…but something tells me that he won’t be convinced to play it effeminate.  I doubt that this film will make the splash that The Passion did, for two main reasons…there won’t be as much violence to which fanboys will flock, and Protestants don’t hold Mary in as high esteem as they do Jesus, and Protestants made up a HUGE portion of The Passion‘s fans.